Covenant Bible Fellowship and Mentor Senior Center

Ballet Gloria had the privilege of dancing throughout the community in preparation for the Easter season. We performed a 30 minute ballet highlighting each dancer’s reaction to Christ and the Cross and inviting the audience to consider their own response. This was our first time performing this repertoire and we were excited to share it!

We were warmly welcomed at both venues. After we danced as part of Covenant Bible Fellowship’s morning worship, one of our creative movement students who attends the church came to sit with us for the rest of the service. We enjoyed a special time with her as we learned about what God is doing across the world.

Our second performance was for the adults at Mentor Senior Center, a recreation center with many different activities. The room filled up quickly as we began dancing, and afterwards we were able to spend some time talking with the people there. One sweet lady told us that her non-believing friends were very receptive to the Gospel message in the performance and requested that we come back soon!

Thank you to Covenant Bible Fellowship and Mentor Senior Center for hosting us! We had a wonderful time with you all.