Session 1!

Ballet Gloria School is back in session, and we’re having a blast!

Here are a few highlights from each class —

Creative Movement has been practicing lots of ways to express themselves through dance. They really enjoy listening songs, where the music gives them cues of how to move.

In Ballet 1, dancers have been learning a lot of new vocabulary and adjusting to the structure of a traditional ballet class. Ballet 1 has some good jumpers who like to pretend to fly through the air!

Jazz 1 is learning all sorts of turns, jumps, and tricks, and practicing faster-paced combinations this year.


Ballet 2 dancers are working on their technique, practicing correct alignment and muscle memory. They’re starting to learn more challenging vocabulary in class this year.

In Jazz 2, students are building on what they learned last year to progress from individual steps to full combinations. As they work on retaining longer sequences, they are also using more stylized movement for a jazzy look. 🙂

Ballet 3 is continuing to build strength as well as working on more complicated combinations. This year they’re learning to move very quickly! A few Ballet 3 students are also beginning pointework — it takes a lot of strength and control to dance on pointe!

Don’t forget Bring A Friend Week is coming up October 15-19! Currently enrolled students get free trial classes, too, so come try something new.

Great job, dancers! We are all so proud of each class.