Christmas Performance Recap

Ballet Gloria Company had a busy Christmas season this year! We kicked off the season with an in-studio performance for students and their families. Jazz 2 and Ballet 3 joined us in presenting some Christmas pieces they had learned.

The Company performed our full Christmas repertoire at Mentor Senior Center and Orange Senior Center, presented a workshop at Heartland Childcare Center, and danced a few selections at TUMC Drama Group’s Christmas plays. We had the opportunity to meet, talk to, and pray for several people at these performances.

Praise God for a successful performance season! We can’t wait to see what He has in store for 2019.


Christmas Is (Almost) Here!

It may still be autumn outside, but Ballet Gloria Company is beginning work on our ballet Christmas Is Here! We can’t wait to celebrate the birth of Christ through dance this holiday season. Our December schedule is filling up, so contact us if you’d like to book a performance. We’ll perform at nearly any venue, so check out our booking page for more information! IMG_0199

Session 1!

Ballet Gloria School is back in session, and we’re having a blast!

Here are a few highlights from each class —

Creative Movement has been practicing lots of ways to express themselves through dance. They really enjoy listening songs, where the music gives them cues of how to move.

In Ballet 1, dancers have been learning a lot of new vocabulary and adjusting to the structure of a traditional ballet class. Ballet 1 has some good jumpers who like to pretend to fly through the air!

Jazz 1 is learning all sorts of turns, jumps, and tricks, and practicing faster-paced combinations this year.


Ballet 2 dancers are working on their technique, practicing correct alignment and muscle memory. They’re starting to learn more challenging vocabulary in class this year.

In Jazz 2, students are building on what they learned last year to progress from individual steps to full combinations. As they work on retaining longer sequences, they are also using more stylized movement for a jazzy look. 🙂

Ballet 3 is continuing to build strength as well as working on more complicated combinations. This year they’re learning to move very quickly! A few Ballet 3 students are also beginning pointework — it takes a lot of strength and control to dance on pointe!

Don’t forget Bring A Friend Week is coming up October 15-19! Currently enrolled students get free trial classes, too, so come try something new.

Great job, dancers! We are all so proud of each class.


Jazz 1

   Jazz 1 has been such a fun class this year! The students have learned lots of new steps and concepts as they have explored a different style of dance. They have done a great job at picking up the movement—leaps across the floor tend to be everyone’s favorite. They bring so much energy to class each week, which is perfect for a faster paced class. It has been wonderful watching them grow and enjoy classes each week!
—Miss Hannah

Covenant Bible Fellowship and Mentor Senior Center

Ballet Gloria had the privilege of dancing throughout the community in preparation for the Easter season. We performed a 30 minute ballet highlighting each dancer’s reaction to Christ and the Cross and inviting the audience to consider their own response. This was our first time performing this repertoire and we were excited to share it!

We were warmly welcomed at both venues. After we danced as part of Covenant Bible Fellowship’s morning worship, one of our creative movement students who attends the church came to sit with us for the rest of the service. We enjoyed a special time with her as we learned about what God is doing across the world.

Our second performance was for the adults at Mentor Senior Center, a recreation center with many different activities. The room filled up quickly as we began dancing, and afterwards we were able to spend some time talking with the people there. One sweet lady told us that her non-believing friends were very receptive to the Gospel message in the performance and requested that we come back soon!

Thank you to Covenant Bible Fellowship and Mentor Senior Center for hosting us! We had a wonderful time with you all.

Ballet 2

Ballet 2 is a very motivated level! Each week students have been working on expanding their ballet vocabulary and skills. One of the favorite new steps is pirouettes, a difficult turn performed on one foot. We also started working on our piece for the spring show, and are learning how to use our facial expression to as part of the dance. There have been lots of smiles and laughter as we practice figuring out what do not only with our feet and hands, but how to use our faces too. We can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve learned! ~ Miss Lydia



This week’s class highlight is modern dance. Students explore a looser, more grounded style while learning traditional movement vocabulary. Although it’s a small class, the dancers practice moving as a unit while expressing themselves individually. Sometimes we end the class with a bit of choreography for the dancers to perform with their own interpretation of the movement.

This class is so much fun to teach as everyone is quick to learn and never afraid of trying new things!

  • Miss Caitlyn